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Innsbruck, Austria (Continued)

When I left you last, I was lying on the massage table….well, you know….
So, Sonny came back into the massage room and there I was in my “slip”. I was feeling extremely uncomfortable. The massage was good, but I wasn’t particularly relaxed. Poor Sonny probably wondered what was wrong with me. When the massage was over Sonny gave me a bill to sign. There was a slight problem with this. Up until this point Rick had done all the money transactions in Europe and I had totally ignored the exchange rate etc. I had no idea how many Euros were in a dollar or how many dollars were in a Euro. This wasn’t too bad a problem, because I could just charge the massage to my room, but I had to give Sonny a tip. I was sitting there staring at the bill trying to do math in my head and getting really confused. I was trying to figure out 10% of the number of Euro’s so I could double it to get to 20% and figure out the tip. I figured 10% of a Euro would be the same as 10% of anything else. What confused me was that they use commas for Euro’s instead of decimal points. The numbers look suspiciously like thousands because of the commas. I figured out the percentage, but then I thought “Am I leaving a hundred dollar tip? Wait a second…!!”. (Yes, I know I’m mathematically challenged and easily confused) Finally I just looked at Sonny and said “tip?”. He said “Whatever you want!” (In Europe, tipping is totally optional and not expected). I said “I don’t understand how to write it.”. Sonny didn’t understand what I was saying. He just smiled. I said “Can you write it for me?” he smiled some more. I said “How do I write 20%?”. And he said “Just write 20%”. So I wrote 20% on the bottom of the bill and even now have no idea how much I tipped Sonny.
When you stay at the Interalpen hotel, breakfast and dinner are included. I think this is because the hotel is literally in the middle of nowhere so there are no restaurants to go to for meals. The meals were absolutely amazing! Breakfast was a huge buffet with an omelette bar and every imaginable breakfast food in existence.
The area around the hotel had lots of hiking trails, so one morning we decided to hike. What gorgeous scenery! The Interalpen also has a breathtaking pool. Imagine floating around in a beautiful pool and wherever you look in every direction are Austrian mountains! Beautiful. Half of the pool was outside and half was inside. There was a sliding glass door separating the two halves, and when you swim up to it it opened.
I don’t think I have ever stayed at a hotel as breathtakingly beautiful as the Interalpen. I was sorry when our stay there came to an end.
Next stop: Italy!


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