Wednesday – Hump Day!

Wednesday’s Menu:

Breakfast – Vegetable Quiche – 260 calories

Lunch – White Bean and Kale Soup – 201 calories

            Salmon with Zucchini and Quinoa – 291 calories

Dinner – Cafe Salad with Tomatillo Poblano Vinaigrette – 649 calories

Dessert – Fruit Skewer

I can’t remember if I mentioned this or not, but they have increased the daily calories at BL.  The other times I was here it was 1200 calories a day.  They have increased it to 1500, and increased the percentage of protein. I really notice a difference.  It’s hard for me to eat all the food because the portions are huge. We also get a snack every day after the hike – a choice between an apple and almonds, an apple and peanut butter or a hard boiled egg.  They are trying to make sure every meal and snack pairs a carbohydrate with a protein.  I guess this is better for building muscle.  They were finding some guests were losing lean muscle mass and that is the opposite of what they are trying to do here. 

Our hike on Tuesday was Sycamore Canyon.  I won’t go into boring detail, I’ll just describe the hike like this:  Up, up, up, up, up, up, up for three miles.  Down, down, down, down, down, down, down for three miles.  Add brutal sun and a few moments of ocean view and that about does it.  The hardest part was that they put Van 7 and Van 8 together, and I was at the very end of the line the entire time.  And I don’t mean a few feet behind, I was about five minutes behind with my own personal hiking guide.  I guess this ensures that I get my money’s worth from the week, but it was humiliating!  I realized that what I’m dealing with is a huge pride issue.  I don’t like being in the back.  I don’t like being the worst one.  And that was what I felt like. I also felt like I was inconveniencing everyone.  Everyone was nice about it, even my personal hiking guide, but it’s an issue with me.  The highlight of the hike was when I was really tired on the way down and feeling sorry for myself and I heard voices yelling.  I listened and the voices were saying “Go Kathy! Go Kathy!”  It was my friends Brenda and Alex cheering me on from below me!  So encouraging! 

Our afternoon schedule was:

2:30 – Mountain

3:30 – Pool Class

4:30 – Kickboxing

Mountain class is a really good one.  You choose any piece of cardio equipment and after warming up you increase either the resistance or speed every two minutes.  You do this eight times.  When you get up to level eight you go back down to level seven, then level six, then level five etc…until you get back to 1.  Then you do it again!  It’s tough, but it’s a good class and burns a lot of calories.  

Other than the fact that all my muscles hurt, I am doing well and hanging in there!  I am really glad the week is almost over, though! 


1 Response to “Wednesday – Hump Day!”

  1. 1 August 17, 2012 at 5:23 am

    Another day down!! Good for you , Kathy! tough stuff!! You should feel proud – !!! Love ya! Mom

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