Tuesday – Beach Burpees!

I wrote a fantastic and creative (and long) post about Tuesday.  Then my phone rang and when I came back to the computer the entire post had disappeared.  I don’t know where it went, but it’s gone.  Very frustrating.  Me and blogging don’t seem to get along. I am going to give a really brief synopsis of Tuesday since it’s already Wednesday! 

I woke up on Tuesday morning and found I couldn’t move.  Just kidding!  (kind of…)  I headed to the dining hall for breakfast and also to look at the list of hiking groups.  I was pretty surprised to see I had been put in Van 7.  I am not sure how that happened, and I don’t think I belong in that group, so I was pretty surprised.  (there are 8 groups, 1 is the slowest and 8 is the fastest)  I talked to the hiking director and told her that I wasn’t sure that was where I truly belonged.  She said I should try it for one day and if it was really bad she would switch me to a different group.

  Breakfast was delicious- a parfait with Greek yogurt, granola, and fresh berries. When it came time to find out our hike for the day, I found out that there is another change in the program since the last time I was here – the beach workout!  Each hiking group has a beach workout one day during the week instead of a hike.  Tuesday was our beach workout day.  This made me extremely nervous because I don’t particularly like being in situations where I don’t know what to expect. (It sounds like I don’t like anything, I really do! I am trying to be positive!) We drove to the beach and started our workout with a walk down the beach to warm up.  I really enjoyed that!  It’s so nice being by the ocean.  We saw dolphins swimming in the water, and the breeze was cool and fresh.  While we walked, trainers set up a circuit workout on the beach. There were eight stations – each a different exercise.  We had to pair up with another person in our group and go through the eight stations with them.  We started by doing a warm up.  Just the warmup had me wiped out and ready to leave!  The highlight of the warmup was beach burpees.  Yes, we had to do burpees, the worst exercise ever, in the sand.  I had slathered myself in sunscreen because I’m health conscious like that, so when I did the burpees sand stuck to every inch of skin that had sunscreen on it.  Yuck!  

When we chose partners there was an uneven number of people, so I had to partner with Steven, the hiking guide.  He’s like 25 years old, 6’2″ tall and weighs about 190 pounds.  He clearly works out a lot – and he’s a hiking guide – so he’s in good shape.  I have to admit that the first thought that came to my evil mind was that there was no way I was going to be able to get away with anything during this workout.  When you are working out with a group you can kind of take a breather when the trainer isn’t watching.  When you’re working out WITH the trainer – not so much!  So Steven and I had a lovely workout going through the circuit. We had to do a variety of exercises for two minutes each.   The exercises included beach volleyball (where I channeled my inner Misty Mae Trainor) (minus the bikini…), running hurdles, throwing a ten pound medicine ball and then running after it and throwing it again (for two minutes), holding a squat while holding hands with our partner…hard stuff – made extra hard by being in sand the whole time.  When we were all finished I was sweaty, sandy and tired.  Now it was time to head back to the ranch and work out some more!

Our 11:30 class was Stretch.  This is my favorite class at BL.  I like it because for at least part of the time you are lying on your back on a yoga mat.  We stretch all our sore muscles in that class, and it’s really good for you because it helps restore your muscles.

1:15 was Zumba!  I learned one thing from the Zumba class.  I will never be a dancer.  I am the worlds biggest klutz on the dance floor, but Zumba is fun!  The music is awesome and if you do the steps wrong it’s okay – you just keep moving and have a good time.  It was also a really good workout!  

2:30 was Pool Class.  Don’t think that just because this class is in the water it’s easy.  It’s not.  It’s a very good workout.  I learned one thing from this class – I will never be an olympic swimmer and I have a new respect for Michael Phelps.

At 3:30 we went into the gym for Cardio Intervals.  I like this class because you change what you’re doing every two minutes, so the time goes fast.  All the cardio and weight machines in the gym are numbered.  Odd numbers are cardio machines and even numbers are weights.  Every two minutes you go up a number so by the end of class you’ve gotten a good workout.  

4:30 was Total Toning.  The instructor of this class changed the name partway through the class to Total Torture, as though he was proud of it!  And it was pretty tortuous!  Each person had a step and two sets of weights – medium and heavy.  The class was basically stepping and lifting the weights in different sequences, using different muscle groups.  I was so wiped out by this class that I wanted to cry.  Every muscle in my body was hurting.  I was extremely happy when it was over!

My friend Brenda (with the broken arm) had an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday afternoon to find out the plan for her broken arm.  The doctor was understanding and came up with a great plan for Brenda.  He is going to give her a ‘Fit to Fly’ letter allowing her to get on the plane with her arm splinted. She can fly home on Sunday as long as she promises she will go to the doctor as soon as she gets back to Scotland and have surgery ASAP.  Brenda is still here and is going to finish out the week, and she is such a trooper!  She comes to every class she can possibly attend and modifies the exercises so she doesn’t have to use her left arm.  She even did the beach workout!  She hikes, too, and it’s humbling to watch her! 

The very best part of Tuesday was that I had scheduled a massage.  Ecstacy!  She worked especially on my calves and glutes – which had really taken a beating.  It was a perfect ending to the day!


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