Here we go again!

So, here I am again, back in Malibu, California at the Biggest Loser Resort.  This will be my third visit to BL. Both times I was here before I swore I wouldn’t come back!  Yet here I am.  So what happened?

First of all, I really want to lose 10 more pounds.  I know that coming here for a week will help me get closer to that goal. There is no way, left to my own devices, I would exercise to the extent I exercise here.  The meals are completely planned out and put in front of me – so it’s basically brainless.  A joke here is that it’s like jail – you get your 3 meals a day and do what your schedule says to do!  That’s funny, but it is also true!  Sometimes not thinking makes it possible to do hard things!

The last time I was here I made some really good friends – including Brenda M. from Glasgow, Scotland.  We really “clicked” when I was here in June.  About a month ago Brenda emailed me to tell me that she and 5 other ladies I knew from my last visit were going to come back to BL in August,  and did I want to join them?  My first response was “Heck no! Why would I torture myself again?”  What really got to me, though, was thinking about my friends here without me!  There is a bonding that takes place when you go through an intense time with people, and if my friends were going to be here, I wanted to be here too.  I asked Rick what he thought of the idea and  he said he thought I should come back.  So, there you go.  That’s what happened.  And here I am!

Thinking about coming here this week has been stressful, but the bottom line is, this is a great program.  The people that work here are good at what they do and I trust them.  I can’t think of a better place to come to do what I really don’t like to do!  The thing is, I know exercise is a necessary part of a healthy life.  I don’t really like it,  but I don’t like a lot of things – and I do them anyway.  I will never run a marathon (I have no desire to even walk that far!) I will never do a triathlon.  I will never be a gym rat.  But I want to be healthy and live as long as I can.  That is why I’m here.



1 Response to “Here we go again!”

  1. 1 August 14, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    – – -And GOOD FOR YOU!!! Get it done ! and have a wonderful reunion with good new friends besides!!!

    Love reading about it – – ! Over 6 miles up hill is way beyond me — but I can admire you for doing it — and doing much more, besides~

    I’m packing up to go “DOWN” the mountain — in a car 🙂 And then to tend to all the things awaiting me down there. Don’t know quite where to start re: Lucent (At&t) or the navy pension – but I’ll just find some phone numbers and get going.

    Have enjoyed my “walk in the woods” with Rebel — I’ll be back as soon as I can be —

    Keep enjoying! Love you My dear Kathy ~~ Mom

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