I’m Back!

   It seems I still have a blog!  I haven’t posted anything in months, so was happy to find that it still existed.  The reason I wanted to resume writing is because I am once again going to spend a week at the Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu, California.  I attended Biggest Loser Camp for a week last year and blogged about my experience there.  I posted a report of what I endured each day – the exercise and the food I ate etc.  After posting on the final day I clicked on something (I only wish I knew what) and the entire blog disappeared.  Not just one post, the ENTIRE blog.  It was gone and I was never able to retrieve it, even with the help of my very talented Software Engineer son – in – law.  It was depressing and I have always regretted not being able to go back and reread it once I returned home.  And I had several ‘followers’ that were awfully frustrated at not being able to hear how things turned out. 

So, here we go again.  I leave for California on Sunday (June 3rd).  The real fun begins on Monday.  I hope you will join me as I share the highs and lows of my experience at Biggest Loser – Fat Camp 2.0!   


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